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Sunday, March 20, 2011

TVLine.com's May Sweeps Scorecard

Michael Ausiello, now with TVLine.com, offers us once again this year his "May Sweeps Scorecard." This score cards lists some of the major events that will happen during primetime this coming May. He updates it almost daily during May sweeps so we can track the progression of the major events.

Here are a few of my predictions based on his scorecard:

- Number of weddings - At least 7. I expect that Callie & Arizona from GREY'S ANATOMY could be one of those couples. Maybe even Chuck and Sarah on CHUCK.

- Number of shocking pregnancies - At least 3. Ausiello himself confirmed that one of the 90210 ladies would discover she is pregnant.

- Number of babies born - At least 3. Callie from GREY'S ANATOMY could be one of the ladies going into labor. I wouldn't be surprised if Angela from BONES is one of the others.

If you have predictions based on Ausiello's scorecard, don't be shy, and post away!

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