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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here are a few tidbits about upcoming episodes that have recently been released:

- After Episode 4, one of the characters will be gone forever. - Source: TV Line

- The 24 hours leading up to Grayson and Vanessa's big day are not so perfect. The preparation for the wedding and the wedding itself is constantly full of hitches, but the actual wedding is a beautiful ceremony. - TV Guide

- There will be an episode where Jane and Grayson get in a huge fight in the middle of the bull pen at Harrison and Parker. Jane is shocked by some of the opinions that Grayson has because she gets to see him as a co-worker as opposed to a boyfriend. It makes her have second thoughts about what her feelings were. - TV Guide

Jane will also have to assist her guardian angel Fred in his relationship with Stacy. She actually has to become Fred's sex coach because he's never had sex before. - TV Guide

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