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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A New Series Regular Joining DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

Watch with Kristin reveals that DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is looking for an actor to play a new series regular named Ben. Here is how Ben is described: He is "a sexy, masculine contractor... Ben has the kind of grit and tremendous drive that comes from being a self-made man. Ruthless in business, but with a charming, witty fa├žade, Ben is a powerful confident man."

In other DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES news, The TV Addict.com reveals the following "According to sources, producers have quietly been on the look out for a love interest for Vanessa Williams’ Renee, who moves into town along with his out-of-control teenaged daughter to escape his crazy ex-wife who not surprisingly enough may not be too far behind."

Could the new love interest with a daughter be new series regular Ben? Only time will tell if both spoilers are linked or not.

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