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Saturday, July 2, 2011

BONES Season Premiere and Big Bad Spoilers

- The season premiere, to air on November 3, will involve a victim trying to recover her memory. Exec producer Stephen Nathan says that "this will play into Booth and Brennan deadline with the memories of growing up, of their families, and what it means for them to create new memories for the family they are forming. And, because of their inherent differences, they also have to decide what kind of family they are going to be." - Source: TV Line

- The show will introduce a new villain next season. It is someone who is an extremely odd and fearless foe that is going to be tech savvy. This villain will be introduced this fall. - Source: TV Guide

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  1. A sneak peek to the first Episode of Bones season 7 has been debuted, showing how Booth treats Brennan now that she is having their child. Trying to be protective, Booth wants Brennan to hand over the case she is carrying but she tells him that the baby is safe.