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Saturday, July 2, 2011


- A young and attractive French-speaking Catholic priest will appear in the first two episodes of the new season. Is he there to marry Blair and Louis? - Source: Mega Buzz

- The show is looking for a young hot male actor to be a potential love interest for one of the characters. - Source: TV Line

- French actress Roxane Mesquida will play Prince Louis' sister. She is not supporting the union of Blair and Louis and will do her best to sabotage it. The role is said to be a recurring one. - Source: TV Line

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  1. Hell all...Are you excited to watch its season 5 online? Last episode which all the fans of Gossip Girl series saw was the Gossip Girl Season 4 finale episode titled “The Wrong Goodbye” which was aired on 16th May 2011. Since then all the fans are eagerly awaiting the new episodes but need not worry as soon the wait will be over because Gossip Girl Season 5 episodes will be aired in this fall.