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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three New Characters for 90210

- Kristina Apgar will play a love interest for Liam. This new recurring character will be named Jane and is described as "a mysterious 21-year-old from Alaska who married young and is a widow." - Source: The Hollywood Reporter

 - Magalyn Echikunwoke will play Naomi's new nemesis. Her character, Holly, is the mean-girl president of the most pretigious sorority at CU. When Holly can't control Naomi's characteristic acquisitiveness, she seeks revenge for one particular purchase by hazing the holy heck out of everyone's favorite pregnant frenemy.

Justin Deeley has signed on to play a sexy cowboy type and love interest for Naomi. Austin may look like a cowboy redneck, but he's actually the son of a country music superstar. Even though he's rolling in dough, he doesn't like people who flaunt their fortune — someone like Naomi. - Source: TV Guide

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  1. There are some new additions to the cast of 90210 TV Show for upcoming season 4. First episode of season 4 will be premiered on 13th September 2011.